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thank you for these provocative and moving contributions we received in the last few days, which surely will require some time to respond to;

Sonia's and Mine's statements, and Jaime's critique of hypercapitalism, perceptual technologies and spectacular society, open larger historical and political horizons, and mechanisms that also reverberated through Gordana's, Sérgio's, 
and Atau's postings or Michèle;s responses -- i hope we'll have a lively discussion in the next few days

we can debate the matters brought forth, until Monday,  and on through the remainder of the month (on Monday we are joined by the rest of our cast; 
we'll miss Dee Reynolds until then, as she had to attend to urgent family matters, so in the meantime, a Canadian guest has wanted to contribute 
some research findings on deceleration, and I am delighted to welcome him:

^ F Scott Taylor 

Principally a Communications Theorist and Techno-culture Critic,  Scott resides in Toronto, Canada.  When writing in these capacities, he specializes in analyzing the affect of telecommunications on individual, social and cultural psycho-pathology.  At present he is completing "The Dismantled Mouth: Of Social Autism," a text describing how telecommunications contribute to autist-like behavioural patterns.  A recent article in the International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media  concerns the chronic loss of referential forms of thought (metaphor, analogy, metonymy) through the influence of digital media, and the affect of this upon performance comprehension and critique.  Earlier, shorter works can be accessed at http://www.cyberstage.org. Scott jokes that he comes by his trade honestly since he works in the tradition of Marshall McLuhan, who directed his graduate work, and for whom he was a stand-in lecturer during the 1970s.  Since then, Taylor has written and directed many multi-media, multi-disciplinary theatre works some of which have been produced across Canada, at two seasons of the Edinburgh Festival, and throughout the United States and Europe, most notably, perhaps, at Pompidou Centre.  In addition, he has been active on the Executive Board of The Subtle Technologies Association (http://www.subtletechnologies.com).

with regards
Johannes Birringer

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