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Sat Oct 22 07:38:58 EST 2011

following on to Johannes and Atau's posts...

microwave ovens are interactive.

gratuitous interactivity might pose barriers to other nice words like:
engagement, enthrallment (or is that just 'thrall' ?), or fugue?

perhaps speed is a factor in media art's growing up.

in the golden age of media art, it was a mad race to be first to get access
to a new technology at a secret lab somewhere and make art with it. The gods
of media art were often people who were skilled at gaining power and/or
access to power in the institutions that developed or bought the latest

It's more 'democratic' now that my phone has double the clock speed of the
SGI O2 workstation from 1999. Now the rush is instead to grab the latest
consumer electronics gadget and subvert it to make a quirky media art piece
before someone else does.

Will decellerated media art be just called art?

... more awkardnessfullness from the department of the redundancy

:) Rodney
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