[-empyre-] Six Theories, or stories, of creation.

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What might have looked a little like a haiku a couple of weeks ago was just
a snippet from this. Six theories, or stories, of creation. I was just
trying to figure out how to post. Anyway. Here are the six.




The First Theory of Creation:


14 billion years ago there was nothing

no stars no galaxies no planets or people. 

Then suddenly without warning everything exploded into existence: 

the universe was born.


The big bang, the most violent explosion there has ever been, brought
everything into existence.

This early universe was hot
so hot it contained only raging energy. 
After only one second some energy was transformed into the seeds of matter.
And the universe filled with a dense fog.
400, 000 years passed as the  universe grew 
and eventually the fog settled to form atoms. 
There were no stars to shine just vast clouds of gas.  
After a billion years one cloud became so dense 
it burst into life and the first star was born. 
Stars grouped into galaxies and finally the night sky looked as it does


The Second Theory of Creation:

The universe begins with a bang. 

A mass of seething energy that expands from a single point. 

It keeps expanding for a quadrillionth of a s second when everything grinds
to a halt. 

Then in an instant it undergoes a massive expansion 

that leaves everything perfectly smooth and uniform.  

But at some point expansion or inflation stops before it blows the universe


The Third Theory of Creation:

Creation begins with a bang. 

In a fraction of a second inflation expands the univers a quadrillion,
quadrillion times. 

As it cools the building blocks of matter are formed. 

Then gravity begins to take effect. 


The Fourth Theory of Creation:

Creation starts with a bang. 

Inflation takes over. And everything expands.

After one billion years the first star is born. 

Then dark matter kicks in.

It creates the gravity which makes galaxies form. 

The universe continues to expand.  

As the epochs pass the expansion slows. 

Soon the universe will come to a stop. 


The Fifth Theory of Creation:


The universe starts with a bang. 

Then it suddenly inflates. 

Dark matter forms and helps galaxies emerge

and the universe's expansion slows.

Finally dark energy takes over stretching the universe more and more.

Expanding and accelerating.


The Sixth Theory of Creation:


The universe follows infinite, self-sustaining cycles. 

An  <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eternity> eternal series of oscillations.

Each beginning with a big bang and ending with a big crunch.

The universe expands for a period of time 

before the gravitational attraction of matter 

causes it to collapse back in and undergo a bounce.




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