[-empyre-] dis-oriented

Sondra Fraleigh eastwest at q.com
Wed Oct 26 02:42:55 EST 2011

I said Ohno Kazuo started his world tours at age 73 and continued them for 26 years. Help, I was wrong. He visited 26 countries. That's the 26 figure here.

I was in a bad accident 5 days ago, and emerged with just bruises. So grateful for just these. Time didn't slow down, it was suspended. I seemed to rise and fall at once, and got caught in a metaformance in-between.

The accident did shake me up, however, especially my nervous system. Well all of me got shook in fact, and I'm still a bit disoriented. My daughter says I use this as an excuse for everything now. So, I do have an excuse for confusing the facts (so called) about Ohno.

The occident has labeled everything else oriental, thereby controlling it in word and deed - says another hero of mine, Edward Said. I like being disoriented.

Best, Sondra

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