[-empyre-] "(E)MOTION FREQUENCY deceleration" - time and morphologies

David Hughes 19 davidhughes19 at btinternet.com
Wed Oct 26 03:42:27 EST 2011


Well really all I was trying to point towards was the idea that there might
be a bounce in the life of the universe. From big bang to big crunch to big
bang. That expansion is followed by contraction. That there might be
acceleration and deceleration. That there might be halts and restarts and
inflations and deflations. I have only a modest grasp of this stuff. It was
really just an image or language reservoir that presented itself from
readings and viewings. The appeal was not meant to validate a practice or

As a bricoleur, (ooo, how pretentious is that - see my web site...) I use
what is to hand and what happened to be at hand during this month of
thinking about deceleration was some readings and viewings concerning the
standard model of cosmology and how it had developed and itself expanded.
Perhaps, to say that deceleration is an observable fact (of life) and not an
ailment or an aberration. But that it is also counter-logical and abhorrent.
If you like I saw the standard model as an accumulation dance that indeed
reminded me of the Lucinda Childs piece within Einstein on the Beach. An
articulation of the standard model then as an accumulation story, as an
accumulation dance, is at last, a dance.

So myths that explain our lives to us. Stories. Theories.

But also I am interested in moments of dynamic tension. Of two forces held
in stasis against each other and then the movement of one of those forces to
shift the other weight. This was, loosely, the basis of a performer training
programme I devised with my company of improvising performers, dancers and
actors during a period of research in the 1970s.

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