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METAFORMANCE - Redefining Relationality

Genealogies of perception: from proprioception to otherception

[continuation - POST 4 - FINAL]



Understanding the body as relational movement, abbandoning the dualisms and political fictions of the society of control, forces us to rename and rethink our technologies.


Whereby Interface doesn't suit any longer, since we are not mediating between a mind and a machine, but within different fields of forces of the relational body, and therefore: Intrabodies, mediations within the metabody, or relational body.


The dualisms artificial-real  and virtual-real, doesn't sustain any longer within a body and a reality that we understand in terms of affects and relational forces. The affects displayed in the screen of the computer are no less real than those we have in a physical sexual relation, though they may be of a different modality.


Undoing anatomy - Amorphogenesis


What happens when we intervene in our sensory anatomy, in our relational technologies? The field opens wide: we are no longer within the framework of representation, operating in the contents: we are working on the framework itself, and it is there that eventually modes of experience emerge that do not rely on the tyranny of content, meaning, identity and form any longer.


Undoing sensory anatomy can bring with itslef an undoing of anatomy at large, since we cannot think anatomy without the sensory frameworks that allow us to recognise it, draw it, map it.


Also, unding anatomy should not be for the sake of introducing a new anatomy in the place of the old one. If we enter the realm of the amorphous we may linger there at our wish.


Amorphogenesis is the condition through which relational bodies move outside the realm of form - and we do that all the time - never sedimenting into form.


Undoing normative categories - anatomy and sex, form, identity


 When the body hovers in the frontier of the intelligible, or steps into the realm of the amorphous.


Dissolving linear space-time


 When no euclidean space and no cartesian perspective is there.... towards a quantum experience of body-space-time.


Meta-kinetic art-research and the dissolution of disciplinary divides 


The approach to movement I have presented clearly exceeds the borders of the dance discipline, and challenge its foundations at different levels. this requires us to rethink our field of research-creation. If we want to exceed the given scales and perceptions that have produced an account of the dancing moving body and of choreography as discreet repepatable movement along the timeline, if we want to politically gain awareness of the ways in which movement disseminates thorugh us as a weapon for neoliberal regimes, we need to have a broader metadisciplinary field of work that for the time being i will call meta-kinetic art-research, or the research-creation that deals with relational movement at every thinkable level, and into the unthinkable...


This leads to the reworking of transdisciplinary lollaborations, already difficualt in tecnopositivist times, and into metadisciplinary realms, where we cannot even anticipate what potential disciplines and media will emerge in the process.


Some Metaformance projects

these are some metaformance or metaformance-related projects I have developed in recent times:



Transforming Proprioception - Otherception




I presented the Metahumanist Manifesto at the posthumanism Conference in Lesvos in september 2011 together wth my colleague, the german philosohper Stefan Sorgner. Meta- is used in its double meaning in ancient greek, no only as "coming after" but especially as "in between" thus stressing the relational.




Presence without Identity


Jaiser 1.0


Unintelligible affects



A call for projects as part of the activities of my reserarch group at Medialab Prado in Madrid, called Cuerpo Común (Common Body) as part of the laboratory of Social Commons.




Conclusion: resistances, subversions in the margins, and Dance-tech's crucial strategic place - not a utopia, but an experimentation in the present towards an unkown future.


What I have proposed to you is not a utopia for a transhumanist future but is inscribed in the resistance tradition of posthumanist critique. It is not about a utopian vision for a world without identity, form, gender, sex, violence or control, but a set of strategies in the present that may diversify our horizon of possibilities to rethink and transform reality and ourselves.
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