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David Hughes 19 davidhughes19 at btinternet.com
Sun Oct 30 10:50:25 EST 2011

Dear Johannes

Just to thank you for asking me to contribute.

I've realised recently that my life has changed and that I now accept my
circumstances as natural and normal. But they are not the circumstances in
which I lived the majority of my working life between 1970 and 2002. As I
suggested in one of my few posts to 'de celebrated list' for most of my life
I have produced on multiple tracks at once: student/theatre maker/curator;
improvising performer/lecturer; student/installation artist/writer;

As I write this I sense an accumulation piece coming on so let's see:

S t u d e n t / t h e a t r e maker/curator

student/theatre maker/curator/improvising performer/lecturer

student/theatre maker/curator/improvising performer/lecturer/installation

student/theatre maker/curator/improvising performer/lecturer/installation

student/theatre maker/curator/improvising performer/lecturer/installation

student/theatre maker/curator/improvising performer/lecturer/installation

student/theatre maker/curator/improvising performer/lecturer/installation


This post won't take html so please go here for a more graphic version of
this accumulation piece:



OK Let's stop right there.

One of the big changes in my life is this: whereas I could work in the past
(pre 2002) with lots of goals and objectives and deadlines all at once (and
indeed lack of goals and deadlines, just working and doing things because I
was awake and they excited me), now I  can't work on lots of things at once
- only one thing. And whilst pre 2002 I could just trust to have things in
the air (knowing I could just pluck them down (like Tom Cruise in
Intelligence Report)) things in the air now frighten me. Perhaps that's why
I no longer fly. I can't stand the idea of things in the air. Things have to
be on the ground. I can't sail either. I can't stand things to be 'all at

So here I was starting to write a thank you to Johannes, trying to
articulate again where I'm at for this forum, and I find that it immediately
becomes a piece (the graphic accumulation CV). And also that I have to send
off the post as soon as that point is made because I can't contain the whole
thing over a long period of time or thought or concept.

So here is the next piece in my thinking for this forum.


Frankly the excitement I now feel about the ideas struck up in writing this
little bit are almost crippling. It is as though I am about to implode into
my chest. Another reason I have to stay away from things not get worked up
is because ideas threaten me, energy threatens me, creativity threatens me.
Threatens to take me over and explode me.


Hopefully I will get out the things I have been processing in the dark and
still feel I'd like to post here.


David Hughes


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