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Sonja writes:

>>... to comment Occupy Movement. Well, thanks heaven, there is entropy and there is solidarity and compassion. I think these are two/three forces that move people to break through the shell of their houses and re-claim the skin of the city as their right.>>

Last night, as darkness fell over St Paul's in London, we stood near the Occupy London tents, 70 or 80 or them, and a throng of people sitting on the steps of the cathedral listening to speakers, an on-going assembly, and voicing of protest and solidarity. it was getting colder, and could sense the fragile skins of these tents at the outside perimeter;

 how do they fasten to the concrete? some seemed to be lifted a bit, by the cold late autumn wind, and yet something inside, some weight, held them down. One tent had a projector that beamed "occupy" onto the facade of St Pauls,  there was no music (as Sonja had remarked earlier, speaking of music & architecture), not a sound from inside the church, only the voices of people in front, outside, in the city, and the occasional roar of applause, while a Dario Fo-like clown with a hat of fruits chatted earnestly with the three policemen I spotted. One person all clad in white, perhaps a Santéro having joined the protest, walked by and embraced a buddhist speaker who had just left the podium, after a  minute of stillness and silence,  then a young women protested the increase  in student fees,  and now I already feel my memories scatter, impressions flit by, so many small posters, scribblings of protest, hieroglyphics, mingled with thoughts of media announcements predatorily anticipating the forceful vacating of space in front of the church, the church itself planning to move on that.   

Gordana, would this be the ritual theatre that Artaud imagined, real and yet a double? 

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A japanese student from my school sent a note around this morning, not sure what this comes from, facebook or twitter, but here it is, cryptically:

By the way, now on facebook, I've found that my friend is organizing this.
I'm not very interested in Ritual Efficacy but interested in this "Halloween Broadcasting of Ritual Efficacy class at Occupy Wall Street"...
Check it out!

Watch a LIVE Halloween BROADCAST of Richard Schechner's Performance Studies class on Ritual, Play, and Performance on Monday, October 31st at 7 PM at Occupy Wall Street in Zuccotti Park.
ustream link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/edohearttv

Note: "The students in the class have been asked to read the following articles. If you are interested in receiving a copy of these articles, please contact....
Ritual Efficacy, Meaning, and Theatre
*Bell 2009:
*Rappaport 1979: 173-221
*Sax 2010
*Quack 2010
*Schechner 1988: 106-152"

WHAT IS OCCUPY WALL STREET? GO TO THIS LINK TO FIND OUT - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occupy_Wall_Street


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