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I am sorry I couldn't follow the discussion last week... now I am trying 
to catch up.

just to give my last contribution about ''deceleration" .... not so much 
as scientific as the last so interesting mail from Akram, but something 
for the HERE and NOW.

... people ( we) are, for the most part of the time, running, doing 
things........ in our day-to-day life, we don't have really time to pay 
attention to the minimal things happening around us, we are not in a 
position to really perceive either our bodies nor our selves... we are 
immersed in a TO - DO life... we don't have time to observe, to 
perceive, to CONTEMPLATE ...

as an artist, in my personal work, I try to capture unobserved spaces, 
minimal noises that are not usually perceived in the daily routine, I’m 
motivated by the subject: “how to perceive the imperceptible”...

.... there are so many many ways to slow down, to be aware... now.. I 
remember a very nice and simple technique I learned some years ago... 
something to use in our day-to-day life and to use inside the outside 
speed that surround us: just go outside and try to walk 50% slower as 
normal, then try slow down another 25%, and continue ... paying 
attention to all around us... in my personal opinion, we could even 
perceive our body cells' movement doing this....

Deceleration ... to inmerse in the infinitely unperceptible...

best wishes,



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