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Dear Soft-Skinned Ones,
I sent this photo to Johannes, just wanting to share it, and thinking I'd had enough to say on the posts. I was trying to listen in for the rest of the time. He thought you might enjoy the photo. Sorry, I can't seem to size it down. It just wants to be big.

> Another kind of performance, regarding touch, pain, and on my topic of aging:
> I believe many performances are simply to be experienced and not necessarily seen by others. Yet, here I am showing you this. It is from one of my workshops, just a moment that might have been lost if not for the camera. Well never quite lost, but passing through time. The lens of the camera seems to stop moments of experience so we can relive them. Art has favored display. In the last few years, I have moved away from dance as display and toward the depth-experience that people can have when they are not on display. Dance for everyone, but in a protected environment where those who don't think of themselves as dancers have a chance to discover that they are. This is dance-for-self not dance-for-other, body-for-self not body-for-other.
> I see this photo as an example of interactivity, dance, somatic therapy, also life in the sense of inter-generation, and isn't it inter-racial? No one has mentioned race in the posts, or maybe I just missed it. Maybe race is just a social construction, but then we would have to deny genetics and history. Perhaps it doesn't exist if we don't have bodies - are not embodied.
> I believe we are embodied. I don't want to lose my body, as worlding with the worlds body. I want to remember my life and relate through touch, vision, color, and all my senses. I appreciate my difference from others as well as my likeness. To me, this photo this illustrates mimesis (all the way back to Aristotle), the mirror, but with appreciation for difference.
> I am enjoying the posts, Sondra


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