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ISEA2011 is a wonderful mix of many things, thus any comments will come from a very personally skewed point of view, of whatever each of us happens to attend.  It would be great to have different people jump in here.

Since layers interest me, I find that one way into the many events at ISEA2011 is to think of them as layers.  I begin with the AR layer, but there is a;so the history layer, the reflective taking the pulse layer, and new forms.  I have not spent much time yet in exhibitions, so oddly I am not yet ready to comment on the actual art layer.

So for the AR layer.  A quick search on the ISEA2011 website brings up:

I began ISEA2011 as a participant in a workshop on Augmented Reality given by Hana Iverson and Sarah Drury, entitled "The Mechanics of Place"   This was my first actual "making" experience with AR, but of course I knew that I would fall in love with the layering aspects, and the possibilities to create an experience in the street that is both public and private.  We did all of the work over a 3 day period (with Hana and Sarah picking up the tasks of tagging the street -- Bogazkesen Cd ).  The personal approaches that each of us took were very different, I suspect more because of our personal interests than the fact that we were a mixed group of Turkish artists and visitors.  My own experience with landing in a city and finding a way to represent / reveal an aspect of the culture is related to my earlier works.  I am always curious about what outsiders can observe, and sense, and in turn what they may want to share.

If you are in Istanbul:
The results of the AR workshop "The Mechanics of Place"  work will be presented on Friday afternoon (today):
Roundtable Discussion on Friday at 1pm, in the Sabanci University Communications Building, Karakoy 5th fl. workshop space.

I was also interested to see this workshop, which I was not able to attend - this sounds wonderful
Augmented Istanbul: Create the Bosphorus AR tour 

As you can see from the lists on the website, more to come this week.  

I am interested in sharing/hearing ideas about what it means for the digital art scene to have so broadly embraced AR.  I

 would write more of my own thoughts, but it is 2:30 am here in Istanbul, and my thoughts are still bubbling, so more to follow for myself - but would love to hear from others on this layer and other layers of ISEA2011


Cynthia Beth Rubin

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