[-empyre-] AR art at ISEA / Istanbul Biennial

Tamiko Thiel tamiko at alum.mit.edu
Fri Sep 16 15:02:31 EST 2011

Hi Everybody,

If you're at ISEA Istanbul or at the Istanbul Biennial, please check out 
the following AR exhibits, which for some reason are not in the ISEA 
printed program.

All exhibits are part of UNCONTAINABLE, ISEA's official parallel program 
to the Istanbul Biennial.

"Not There" at the Kasa Gallery, Sabanci University
AR Artworks created by the cyberartist group Manifest.AR for the Venice 
Biennial Intervention are layered on top of the physical exhibits in the 
Kasa Gallery.

Tour: 1-3pm, Sunday Sept. 18, Kasa Gallery
              Karakoy Communication Center

"Invisible Istanbul"
AR intervention in the Istanbul Biennial, and walking tour of the 
surrounding neighborhoods. By Tamiko Thiel and PATTU (Cem Kozar and Isil 

Tour: 5-7pm, Sunday Sept. 18
Meet at cafe at Antrepot5/Sanat Limani, in the Istanbul Biennial area 
(look for the yellow "Invisible Istanbul" logo). Tours will begin there 
and proceed through the neighborhoods of Galata and Karaköy.

"Shades of Absence" at the Hagia Sophia
An unsanctioned intervention in the Hagia Sophia

Tour: on request (entrance fee!)

Tamiko Thiel
tamiko at alum.mit.edu
mobile: +90/543/868.3531

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