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> I have been in a jet lagged haze these last couple of days but I am feeling somewhat more acclimated today.  I would like take a moment to fill our online subscribers in on where the ISEA conference is situated.  In the suburb of Levant 4 about a 25 minute metro ride from the center of Taksim square, the main conference activities are located within the highly sequestered spaces of the Sabanci Center.  It is only accessible after one enters a security checkpoint, bags checked, and body scanned similar to those of us who had to go through security at the airport.  While panels are in the early morning ( I attended On the Persistence of Hardware organized by Barruch Gottlieb and New Media Archives organized by Paula Perissinotto where Tim was a participant), keynotes are later in the am.  
> In fact this morning I attended Oliver Grau's key point lecture "Media Art Explores Image Histories: New  Tools for Our Field.". While Oliver's lecture was a great overview and reminder of the disparity between the art world and the world of New Media, the tools he spoke of were reminiscent of the historically western and image centric art world we have all become victims of.  We will have to talk to him about that hopefully later on this week.

This afternoon was the highlight of my day spending the remainder of the day at the Istanbul Biennial seeing more political work both historical and new than I can recall. More about that later as well. 

Just two reminders about those of you who are actually here in Istanbul, Tim and I will give our paper tomorrow am 9 am at the center. Hope to see you there. 

If not come to the ISEA lounge on Sunday night between 6 and 9 to meet fellow empyreans and others from ISEA for happy hour. 

More tomorrow. Renate

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