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Hi Patrick!

On Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 11:42 AM, Lichty, Patrick <plichty at colum.edu> wrote:

> One thing that struck me is the rise of locativity, AR, and urbanism as
> being prevalent in the discourse at ISEA.  I only caught Teri Rueb's
> soundwalks which dealt with GPS mapping of sound to landfills, and another
> panel that dealt with mapping textures onto buildings through AR.  THe
> interesting thing is that Manifest.AR saeems to be the AR canonical group so
> far for AR.
> Listening to Christuane Paul's lecture right not . more soon.

Yes I enjoyed the rising discussion as well!
But i wouldn't feel that there is anything that could be called "canonical"
yet, as everything is soo young and fast that i don't feel that anything
really "strong" emerged yet. Maybe better communicated, interconnected with
the international community and founded, but not mature yet. And I obviously
include my own practice in that, too :)

for example last night we had a wonderful discussion abut these exact issues
and the ideas that most of these works function using the Layar platform,
which is 1) closed and 2) it will probably not be around in 5 years or so
(as is the life of most internet companies... let's say 10 to be optimistic)
and 3) it is not standard and technically documented (from the system and
the architecture point of view)

delegating your work to a platform like this is really not a good idea, for
both the issues of preservation, but also for the concepts of privacy, data
ownership, open source, censorship, freedoms of expression, the ownership of
digital public-spaces and, well, let me not list them all, as I think we all
already know about the pros and cons of free-beer :)

I feel that it is really counter-productive putting so much effort into
defining which is the "canonic" group by participating to so many events as
possible and leaving out the efforts required to confront such fundamental

for example this afternoon i will present a technology: it is open, free,
and available. I haven't had a chance to actually do a performance in any
event with it, but it's ready and working, and opensource. better than open
source: it is free-software. It is not polished as layar, but it works and
you can work on it to make it polished if you want.

I will be so happy to discuss this out with anyone: either here on the list
or, if you happen to be in ISEA, we could for example meet at the
presentation of the Leaf++ project at 2:45pm in room 2

apart from these observations i really enjoy the activity and excitement,
and i am really excited myself! :) lots of ideas popping up every other
minute by the wonderful continuous state of discussion with everyone here



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