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Melinda Rackham:

I am surprised that you are so dismissive of the Metaverse and its current manifestations Marcus -  given that  there is such a persuasive weight of identity construction, feminist theory,  queer theory, performance, theatrical and cinematic precedents and critical gaming behind it.  Second Life as a commodifided VR space  leaves it open to much criticism, and i have been amongst one of its early critics of the limits of its propriety code, however for those who choose to work in it and and  in the many other VR environments that have grown online in the past decade, it has provided an incredibly rich platform for artists to perform, code, construct and experiment.  Any informed, serious survey of network, media and distributed culture can not ignore it.

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> Yesterday at 2:52pm
> Marcus Westbury:
> Oh god. When they start talking about Second Life i get a terrible feeling i've gone to the wrong session.

Is all the real ISEA happening in spaces other than the conference presentations. 

I found out I had to participate in an event via Twitter. 
2013 ISEA Director is having opinions on media platforms on Facebook, perhaps alerting us to what we may or may not see in Sydney?
I was just at the Queer Viralities session and each opportunity for interesting discussion in person was deflected by the chair and presenters.

Apart from the keynotes I have found the Nuru Ziya Salons, ringmastered by Stephen Kovats, and the boat rides where people have to be squashed together , without opportunity to escape, have been the most informative arenas of actual idea exchange.

 am i missing something? 

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