[-empyre-] Some thoughts on returning from ISEA 2011 in Istanbul.

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Fri Sep 23 01:18:24 EST 2011

Hi all,

Ruth Catlow has just returned from ISEA 2011 in Istanbul, and has 
written on Furtherfield's Community blog about it, it links closely to 
some of the discussion taking place on here...

Wishing you all well.



Some thoughts on returning from ISEA 2011 in Istanbul.

By Ruth Catlow.

It is ever more urgent for us to develop functional infrastructures for 
imaginative interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration.

Our Sunday morning panel, Re-rooting Digital Culture- Media Art 
Ecologies (http://t.co/0nfyo1Pr), with Helen Varley Jamieson, Paula 
Crutchlow, Michel Bauwens and Sophie Jerram, was shaped by the emerging 
debate surrounding these issues. This blog post attempts to relate what 
happened in our panel in connection with these and other linked ideas 
and occurrences.


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