[-empyre-] who owns the city? (Istanbul)

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I didn't make it to ISEA, but was in Istanbul a few years ago (few trips
back & forth). Ana, your post reminded me of this day. I met up with a
friend and his friends (locals) who showed us around an older part of
Istanbul - near (/in?) Balat I think. my friend's friend had grown up there
and her grandmother still lived there. it was fairly run-down, but very
close to the river. we could imagine developers salivating over the land.
there were posters with numbers on each building and I think they mentioned
it was some sort of census count. so I'd be interested to hear if this area
is still untouched or if it's becoming gentrified like other areas. it had
such a great vibe - so relaxed in the middle of the bustling craziness that
is other parts of Istanbul (well that I saw anyway). ladies knitting in the
street talking, people in the street stalls. crumbling buildings. people on
the roofs fixing holes. an old tower - it looked like the remains of a fort
or a wall of some sort. I think I recorded some audio of it on a sound walk,
and video too somewhere, plus a few photos.


On 21 September 2011 06:36, Ana Valdés <agora158 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am bit curious about how did the people who travelled to Istanbul for the
> first time experienced the city itself, Turkey and all the contradictions
> and the multiple layers of meaning residing in this old city where all the
> remnants of it's past are crumbling away. As you know many Turks want to be
> a part of Europe and join the EC, but many others want keep the country's
> isolation.
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