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Thank you Renate for introducing the project and sharing your thoughts on
it. Indeed, future plans may include the collaborations you are alluding to.
Arzu and I both have ties to this area, and it would be our honor.
Otherwise the museum at the site is under consideration.

 Also, I did go to see the show at the Modern Istanbul:


One of the artists included in the Gün project, *Nilbar Güres* has a few
works in the show:

She is a Turkish performance and visual artist based in Vienna, Austria,
whose work speaks to the construction of femininity in Turkish culture as
well as in Orientalism. The images of her public interventions show the
formal and conceptual strength of her work dedicated to tackling the image
of muslim women in Turkey and Europe.  Much of the work contains 'veiled'
references to lesbian relationships in this context.  As for the show
itself, I found the videoworks included most compelling. And yes, I agree
with you that in spite of ISEA's glitches, it was a joy to experience
Istanbul and meet new and old friends. Tim's thoughts on corporate ISEA and
the 'political' aspirations of the Istanbul Biennial (sans electronic art)
hit the spot. The choice of Felix Gonzalez-Torres as the 'theme' to me is a
cautious show of support for the LGBT community in Turkey, increasingly
active publicly and taking opportunity of the government's bid for EU
membership.  On the other end, the EU includes the issue of LGBT rights in
Turkey as a condition to membership, short of extending asylum to the
community.  See: http://news.kaosgl.com/
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