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not sure what you mean by a romance, susan, do you mean a fantasy ?

i was talking more about a guerilla war than a revolution - living in
the tension, keeping spaces open but always mobile, nomad. It's a
dirty job but somebody has to do it.

A "curatorial revolution" sounds very scary - do u mean the curator
like a kind of trotskyist guide of the revultion ??' i shudder to
think of it. But what did you mean by the term ?

I see curatorial work, rather than itself being the revolution, as
creating spaces where the revolution (or the insurrection or the TAZ
or just a moment of pure happiness or revelation) can exist and grow -
in some ways its a very practical work

in this sense i think its very important on any debate about curating
to talk about open practises such as budgets being well documented and
communicated with the artists and public, the willingless to let
processes unfold outside of the narrative framework determined, what
licenses are used, the role (or absence) of collective processes, the
documentation ...

we talk a lot about the curator as intellectual but its very important
i think to consider her, perhaps fundamentally, as a carer, curador,
the element of affects, money, food, materials, protection ... these
are key elements that are the infrastructure for spaces of action ...


On Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 3:38 PM, Susan Douglas <sdouglas at uoguelph.ca> wrote:
> I see what you mean, Pedro, about art in confrontation with art and other
> institutions. The paper you sent us is very interesting. But is the
> "curatorial revolution" a romance?
> Susan
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