[-empyre-] re-Death of the Curator?

simon swht at clear.net.nz
Fri Apr 13 10:15:16 EST 2012

Dear <<empyreans>>, Johannes,

respectfully, isn't what you are talking about in regard to Kafka's 
Wound as

"where the paratextual or paramedial dimensions can emerge"

simply theatre?

and isn't the Death of the Curator a repetition of the death of the 
director, from about the '80s - it is particularly German theatre I am 
thinking of, the generation of Peter Stein - ?

and in cinema in the '90s the bruited about "death of the auteur"?

In theatre it seems to me that the post-interpretative director, Robert 
Wilson, epitomises a curatorial attitude/method when he becomes the 
ring-master for the circus of collaborators and collaboration going on 
around him, witness his work with the two Heiners, Mueller and Goebbels, 
about whom there is something mismatched and yet apropos, or the great 
failed project The Civil Wars - an internationally curated theatre work.


Simon Taylor


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