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Hi Ana,
I agree that the "globalized art world" seems to adhere to a largely Western paradigm of artistic expression. I was thinking about this phenomenon when I saw The Ungovernables (http://www.newmuseum.org/exhibitions/448) at The New Museum in NYC. I very much liked a lot of the art (only 3 artists were from the US), but -- the different subjects of the work aside -- most of the artists seemed to have gone to the same "art school" (no matter if they were from Africa or Colombia or ...). It would be great to see more art with a distinctly different aesthetic language from other parts of the world; I would assume that it is precisely this "difference" (visual or conceptual languages that are not easily categorizable) that poses problems for the global art scene. There is a need for more international curatorial voices who could introduce this art.

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I was thinking again about my friend the curator Sarat Maharaj, born in South Africa but of Indian ancestors. He works both at Goldsmiths College in London and in Sweden, in Lund.
We discussed once the paradox where Western (European and North American) Art was now a kind of universal paradigm to which all other cultures in the world related to.
The Museums, the Biennals, the Art Galleries, the shows, all reproducing a kind of European Rennaisance atmosphere, where princes and cardinals sponsored Art and artists painting them as semigods or angels or apostles.
Should the Art in other parts of the world (South America, India, China, Japan, Australia, etc, etc) florish in other terms, in another frames?

Ana curious


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