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By the way and speaking about Aboriginal Art, did someone read this article
and do you have more information? I think it's pretty colonial thinking to
justify that. Again, what do we call Art? Is "our" Western Art more worth
to save? Is Western Art an universal measure of Art? (Yes, I know the
answer but it a rethoric point of view :)



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> ....Hundreds of reviews have been written about the exhibitions at
> NMAI and indicate how fraught the notion of any reception of this work
> is, by Native scholars, and non-native critics, writers and scholars.
> That's why the Canadian exhibition space is so intriguing for me. Is
> there a space in Canada to articulate a contemporary indigenous
> presence globally?......<snip>
> Dear Jolene,
> I was most intrigued by your post of two-days ago   I whole-heartedly
> understand where you are coming from but am curious about this:  as a
> curator you have defined your curatorial practices, that of the
> artistic work of indigenous peoples. For you then this is not a
> political gesture? In your choice to participate in the Canadian
> exhibition it appears to me that the choice was calculated and well
> thought out in regards your position and how you feel indigenous work
> fits within the conversation of  the global art world. The  end result
> of the final curated reception and  how it is viewed within a global
> context ie the reviews ... appears to be where the complications arise
> for you?  Forgive me if I have misread your post ....you know I always
> love to hear you talk about your practice as both a curator and an
> artist! I want to make sure I am understanding and feel that for the
> record it would be great to have to write a bit further.
> Best ,
> Renate
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