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Thanks so much for sending along this interesting suggestion, Barbara.  I recommend that empyreans take a look at  the video which strikingly reflects on the sudden closure of Antioch College in the US (as a result of differences of opinion between the faculty and administration -- the administration's approach led to plummeting enrollments and the closure of the College over the objections of the faculty and staff who believed they could right the ship.  At the heart of these issues lies the corporatization of the University highlighted by the adminstration's lease of the College's library for training by Homeland Security forces!  A very bizarre and telling coincidence that brings the risks of academic finances directly in relation with the security of risk.

I also recommend to empyreans The Aesthetics of Risk reader mentioned by Barbara, which is the text that Cornell's Society for the Humanities Fellows opened up the year-long seminar on Risk.  It would be fantastic to hear from empyreans regarding similar narratives in Europe, Australia, Latin America and, as Barbara suggests, Asia, Southeast and South Asia.

Due to the shortened month as a result of the holiday seasons, we will be extending this discussion of Risk for a couple of more weeks and then we'll return in January.



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Hi Tim.

I am jumping in without knowing if these references have been discussed
here before...so, apologies if these references are already in circulation
on this list...

A remarkable, short documentary made by media artist Brian Springer,
related to the closing, only a few years ago of Antioch College in Yellow
Springs, Ohio, can be found at this link:


It was part of a larger online project  (with parallels to wikileaks),
relative to the administration of Antioch College and its public


Chris Hill, media historian and one of the many professors who lost their
jobs when Antioch closed, was intensely involved in efforts to save the
school.  She recently completed an essay she was invited to write on the
communications projects that proliferated during the crisis.  It was
written for Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology (I don't know
if the publication is out yet, but I could give you her email address to
request a pdf copy.).  Her essay is thoroughly detailed and I highly
recommend it! The essay is titled "Emergency!—Resistance and
Recollection:Responses to Closure at Antioch College".

Chris is a fountain of information.

Also, Chris could put you in touch with Keiko Sei, who has vast experience
with the politics of media education (sometimes institutional and
sometimes underground) in regions from Czech Republic to Southeast Asia.
Chris has an interview with Keiko published in the book, "The Aesthetics
of Risk" edited by John C. Weichman, 2008.

best regards,


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> Hi, everyone,
> I'm interested in compiling a list of recent short documentary films,
> animations, YouTube videos, net.art pieces, etc. that address the crisis
> of the university and the state (debt, assessment, public criteria, etc.).
>  I'm hoping that there might be quite a cache in the UK, Europe,
> Australia, etc.  given their advanced the advanced interventions of the
> state on educational policy and financing.
> I'm sure these titles would be of interest to our -empyre- subscribers as
> well.
> Thanks ever so much.
> Tim
> Director, Society for the Humanities
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