[-empyre-] Beatriz da Costa (1974-2012)

Sergio Basbaum sbasbaum at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 23:25:00 EST 2012

Hallo Tim and empyreans,

What a loss. Too young, such a brilliant person. I've seen Beatriz speaking
in the Subtle technologies festival in 2003, when they presented some
aspects of the 'Swipe' project, and since then, I used her articles and
works in classroom from time to time.

I hope she has passed without suffering, and that she may be well wherever
she may be now. Certainly she made a difference and left a contribuition in
her short passage in this world.

Certainly we can take her as inspiration for melting of creation and
thinking in the coming year and further.

All the best for you all at -empyre-, a great 2013 full of joy and

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