[-empyre-] incompatible research practices - week 01 - from functionaries to programmers (and then some tricks for handling the incommensurable)

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"The present does not exist. It is just a temporary state between past
and future".
Siegfried Zielinski, yesterday @ the Search for a Method table on Transmediale.

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> Hello, all!
> It is a pleasure to bring to the Internet the discussion about
> research practices started in the previous days during the
> Transmediale festival. The first participants for the month share a
> filmmaking background, as well as a long-term interest in the writings
> of Vilém Flusser and a personal engagement with art production. It
> will be interesting to see how these common points of departure might
> result in two very different approaches to academic investigation.
> In the paragraphs below, a bit more info about our guests.
> *César Baio*
> Artist and researcher, Cesar Baio has a background in electronics, art
> and audiovisual. He has developed his master's and PhD’s research at
> the Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC/SP) with a research
> internship at the Vilém Flusser Archive at the Berlin University of
> the Arts (UDK). He address issues related to the technical image and
> dispositifs of mediation in art. These issues have been elaborated
> also poetically in interactive installations, urban interventions and
> video.
> *Baruch Gottlieb*
> Baruch Gottlieb is a Canadian artist and researcher living in Berlin.
> Trained as a filmmaker, his work theoretically, speculatively and
> practically explores ground principles of the materiality of digital
> media, the materiality with which all digital media may be made,
> taking many diverse and convergent forms, such as: permanent and
> ephemeral public installations, stage and public performance, writing
> and video.
> Welcome! =)
> Best!
> Menotti
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