[-empyre-] incompatible research practices - week 01 - from functionaries to programmers (and then some tricks for handling the incommensurable)

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Mon Feb 6 23:43:37 EST 2012

 From a physicist's pov that might be well understood (see below), but 
'now' is nevertheless the moment which allows me to write this and click 
the send button ...

We /remember/ the past, we plan the future, but we act now. The present 
moment is our moment of access to the universe, -- we can always change 
the world at this instant. But what is "now"? There is no such thing in 
physics; it is not even clear that 'now' can ever be described, let 
alone explained, in terms of physics. For example, suppose the following 
is tried. 'Now' is a single instant of time. The response 'which 
instant' yields the answer 'every instant'. Each instant of time becomes 
'now' when 'it happens'. But this is going in circles. ... To counter 
that all time is 'now' eventually, but not all at the /same/ time, is 
mere tautology. (/Space and Time in the Modern Universe/, P.C.W. Davies, 
CUP, 1977)


On 06.02.2012 10:23, marcus bastos wrote:
> "The present does not exist. It is just a temporary state between past
> and future".
> Siegfried Zielinski, yesterday @ the Search for a Method table on Transmediale.
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