[-empyre-] the will to escape identities (and the taboo of destroying property)

magnus lawrie magnus at ditch.org.uk
Fri Feb 17 22:42:57 EST 2012

On Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 10:51:11AM +0000, Gabriel Menotti wrote:
> >I felt myself lucky to participate in a performance
> >'going fragile', involving Mattin and other contributors
> > to Noise and Capitalism. […] It seemed as if people
> > ('audience') couldn't bear the silence and the absolutely
> >(radically) open structure of this collaboration. [Magnus Lawrie]
> Annoyed audiences always get me curious, Magnus. =) Could you please
> bring more details about the performance?

The (correct) title is "unstable, fragile, but daring together"

Some details about the performance from the Arika website:


Four respected, challenging, fresh artists and writers; all interested
in doing things collectively and in seeing art as an opportunity for
radical, politicised action¹.


Often framed in terms of a dialogue², art more often resembles a
monologue³: What would an actual dialogue involve, what subjects can
noise and improvisation comment on, what is a productive and
provocative, unstable and fragile space in which we can dare to do
things we wouldn’t do otherwise?


Instead of the one-way monologue of normal performance, what would be
the result an actual collective dialogue? If that dialogue happened in
Dundee, where would it go?

Get Involved. Find out more about Mattin, Emma, Anthony and Howard’s
Investigation groups .


We have no idea, it is totally open: this ‘performance’ will
deliberately be created out of what happens (with you) during Mattin,
Emma, Anthony and Howard’s investigations earlier in the week.


Best wishes,


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