[-empyre-] benefits of practice to conventional research / could gamification save academia? -- voice from the audience

Gordana Novakovic G.Novakovic at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Wed Feb 22 09:47:51 EST 2012

Apologies for jumping in the middle of discussion, but can't resist to
add a quick comment

> I wonder if there is any lesson about the relation between media
> art/theory and “the sciences” that we could take from this delay. Is
> one domain fated to lag behind the other’s insights, adopting them as
> late models? Or is the “longer time” media art/theory is “spending”
> with cybernetics able to bring out new things from it?
> (Does the influence also go in the opposite direction? Are scientists
> still anachronically bewildered by something the artworld no longer
> takes seriously?)

You only have to look at neuroaesthetics, and hear leading
neuroscientists talking about art and 'beauty'
On that topic, I highly recommend brilliant critique by philosopher
Alva Noë, published in NY times


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