[-empyre-] incompatible research practices - week 04 - disconnection, algorithms, raw material

Gabriel Menotti gabriel.menotti at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 16:48:07 EST 2012

Dear all,

Trying not to cut short the ongoing threads, I’d like to thank very
much Ioana, Magda, Lasse and everyone else for the stimulating
contributions to the in/compatible research debate so far.

We are now entering our final week – which promises to be a very
intense one, bringing together three new discussants: Tero Karppi,
Robert Jackson and Andrew Prior. While opening new topics, their
interventions might also give us the opportunity to engage with some
previous ones in a new (in/compatible?) light.

I apologize in advance for that we are extending the debate a bit into
the month of March. This was due to the late beginning caused by
Transmediale, and to the fact that February is a shorter month. But it
will be well worth! =)

Thanks of course to Ana Valdés, the moderator of the next month’s
discussion, for giving us this possibility.

And now, for the participants’ bios:

*Tero Karppi*

Tero Karppi is a PhD Candidate in Media Studies, University of Turku,
Finland. Previously Karppi has worked as a researcher in Game Research
Laboratory, University of Tampere, Finland. His forthcoming
dissertation discusses the role of disconnection in network culture
and it is scheduled to be complete in December 2013. The first article
of this project is titled “Digital Suicide and the Biopolitics of
Leaving Facebook” and it was published in the issue 20 of
Transformations Journal.

*Robert Jackson*

Robert Jackson is an MPhil/PhD student at Plymouth University, an
artist and software developer based in the UK. Currently entitled
'Algorithm and Contingency', his thesis entangles Computational
Algorithmic Artworks and Art Formalism together with Speculative
Realist Philosophy, to identify an occluded history of computational
art which privileges recursive configurable units of necessity rather
than networked systems of contingency. He blogs regularly at

*Andrew Prior*

Andrew Prior is a digital/sound artist and musician. His research
practice explores of the transformative potential of media and
technology. In particular, his work is concerned with the use of noise
and artefacts involved in digital mediation, as a raw material for
sound works. Another key aspect of his current thinking is around the
creative affordances of networked digital files. His work ranges
between online works and installation, to performative pieces. He is
currently a member of the Kurator / Art & Social Technologies research
group at the University of Plymouth, UK.


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