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Hello again,

Adam was saying:

> It seems to me that there are some wonderful opportunities to transform
> the texture of books even within a linear container because of open
> production models enabled by the web. Yet there are many, academics being
> near the top of the list, that shoot down the idea of open book production.
i find it really interesting to approach this from the point of view of
investigating onto the "texture of books", where this term might benefit
from a series of different definitions/interpretations.
A wide array of examples are available in history about collaborative
writing, emergent narratives, remixing, mashing-up, multi-authorship etc.
What really changes is the "feeling" of it, the process, the life-cycle,
the "life" of it, as the process of
writing/discussing/communicating/disseminating/reading/writing becomes a
new process, more complex and more simple at the same time, transforming
the "book" (let's still call it that way) into a "(realtime, continuous)
live space".

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