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Dmytri Kleiner dk at trick.ca
Sat Jan 14 01:04:30 EST 2012

On 13.01.2012 14:48, adam wrote:

> Regardless, the opportunity is to take this moment and these
> opportunities and make it work for us on scale. 2012 more than any
> other year opens up publishing and if we miss this window we can only
> blame ourselves. If we wait for the moment capitalism is abolished
> then publishing will stay as it is for a very long time and then we
> also only have ourselves to blame.

I highly doubt that penguin classics is particular profitable. The 
series is simply just another way for a existing large publisher to 
maximize it's utilizing of productive and distributive capacity. 
Penguins productive and distributive capacities which where not built on 
the earnings of this series.

I can guarantee that if you approached a venture capitalist and 
proposed they fund the creation of such productive capacity for the 
purpose of selling trade paperback versions of public domain works it 
would be a short meeting. You can only do this once you already have 
such capacity.

And I'm not proposing we "wait for the moment when capitalism is 
abolished," rather that we actively work towards abolishing it by 
creating the social forms that could replace it. Which is what you are 
looking to do, wether you address your concerns specially at Capitalism 
or not, what you seek presumes it's eventual abolition.

Dmytri Kleiner


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