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Mike Stop Continues mikestopcontinues at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 01:32:35 EST 2012

> It is here tempting to ask: Once we are all connected to everyone else
> through this environmentally destructive (mining, electricity etc.)
> thing called the net, then what will we realise? Probably that it is
> time to log off and knock on our neighbour's door and get a community
> assembly together.

I fear a turn from the internet (without a system of greater
interconnectedness to turn to), would be a turn for the worst. If our
species is ever to make it out of the viscous cycle of ideological
competition that has for so long kept us in conflict, it must do more than
just find that which makes all humans equal--it must do more than merely
find the connection between us. As individuals, we have to be willing to
develop what holds us together; we must begin from that and strengthen it,
so that we have a world in which difference can be expressed. Localization
must be redefined to connect people who share any set of similarities--not
just spacial ones.
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