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Sat Jan 14 01:55:56 EST 2012

> The same way they do now, largely unsupported by capital.
> And what of all the workers who currently are supported by capital?
> Unemployment? Pretty harsh outcome for the vast majority of employed
> cultural workers if capitalism remains, and thus unemployment is a gateway
> to destitution.
> Is that what we want? Fewer people to be paid for cultural production?

I'm not convinced that if the industry shifted to a vanity press format
where they marketed the best works for added revenue that there would be a
great lack of jobs. What can be certain is that there would be an increase
in paid cultural production.

You secretly raise another point regarding where all the wealth is. Poverty
exists not because of some planetary insufficiency, but because that 1% of
the population who has the wealth benefits from poverty. If human beings
constantly fear for their shelter and food source, they are much happier to
work for lower wages and much less likely to be thinking about anything but
how they're going to pay the bills.

In that sense, we want rampant unemployment, to a degree that's never been
seen by this planet. We want to leverage the same survival instincts that
these capitalist institutions do so that the masses would have no choice
but to rally against inequality as a whole, rather than individually.
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