[-empyre-] OSW: open source writing in the network

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Fri Jan 13 23:09:37 EST 2012

hello everyone,

Dmytri was saying:

If we can apply ideas from open source and peer to peer networks to new
> forms of production the state's power vanishes, and that of the
> corporations with it. A borderless, peer to peer world is not one that is
> friendly to the rentier.
> are you sure?
the scenario will change, for sure. But it does not seem like something
will vanish.
Unless we are suggesting to tend towards a world based on small communities
which are basically self-sufficient and interconnect a lot through networks.
But i don't see it as a real option. We need lots of infrastructures to do
lots of the things we give for granted, and we need hospitals etc.
Yes, there are models according to which p2p hospitals, p2p infrastructures
etc can be thought out. But there is no way they will happen anytime soon.
We need visions yet we need to answer smaller questions first. And this is
probably where open, free models come in. Now, i mean.

> And that is perhaps the part that is most difficult to grasp: The Scale.

i perfectly agree to this. And it seems that the perception (or even the
definition) of "The Scale" is one of the most pressing problems in free

We can have theorists, experts, scientists, researchers to investigate in
this type of problem.

Yet confronting "The Scale" is a complex issue which requires organization.

Now: organization can assume very different forms, including (and most
welcoming) p2p ones.

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