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Hi Salvatore,

Your response to my post has raised some of the issues I am dealing with as
a cultural geographer and ethnographer. It is of great interest to see that
while my questions focus on open source writing and publishing initiatives,
your examples are strongly linked to the appropriation of public space.  I
was intrigued by your reference to skateboarding as a publishing form that
re-programmes the city and directly writes on the world creating new spaces
for action. This reminds me of Henri Lefebvre’s Writings on the Cities but
mostly Michel de Certeau’s ‘strategies’ and ‘tactics’ where the city of
urban planners and administrators is overturned by that of the everyday
citizen who systematically liberates spaces by counteracting against the
strategies of bureaucrats. You then argue that (ubiquitous) publishing - as
FakePress – can be also a form of “writing onto the world as a possibility
to liberate spaces and enact emergent, multi-author, non-linear, open-ended
narratives”. In this model (your vision) of publishing is there one single
text/narrative that is written and published collectively or multiple texts
of different authors? How do these texts relate? What kind of cartography
do they create? Do they contain multiple layers and intersections?


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