[-empyre-] OSW: open source writing in the network

davin heckman davinheckman at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 22:13:11 EST 2012

You wrote:  "We don't need to 'change the world', we have to change
ourselves. do things differently. make something work and then, as
soon as you have it, spread and communicate o other people. a TAZ with
legs, a 1-meter revolution, and an intense communication phase after
it. and this is exactly what we do: invent new spaces and new
sustainable practices stratified on top of the existing world. and as
soon as they're there, explain to people how we did it, give them the
tools and support, and proceed in doing the next step."

I wish I had read this before writing that long message I send just a
minute ago.  This really strikes me as a great practice.

Do you have any video of the iSee app in action?  I don't have a
mobile phone, smart or otherwise.  But if I did, I would want to try
this app.


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