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Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Fri Jan 27 05:18:45 EST 2012

On 26/01/12 17:17, Simon Biggs wrote:
> I'm all for free culture - of course. But I am also pragmatic, seeking to understand the legal side of things. This week's discussion is being led by a copyright lawyer and I am hopeful she can offer insights. I know it doesn't have to be about licenses. The question, however, is whether an assertion, no matter how seemingly right, is legally right?

In some jurisdictions there isn't a public domain to dedicate your work
to, in others there is but you can't dedicate work to it, in others you
can't waive your rights, etc.

CC0 is an internationally legally sound public domain dedication that
works around this. So I would recommend using that instead as a
practical statement of principle.



Actually I'd *really* recommend using a copyleft licence instead
(CC-BY-SA), but that's another matter entirely. ;-)

(I am not a lawyer, etc.)

- Rob.

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