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James Morris james at jwm-art.net
Sat Jul 7 23:06:15 EST 2012

On 07/07/12 Simon Biggs <simon at littlepig.org.uk> wrote:

>when we first saw head-up displays (screens) in fighter jets. Now our
>cars have this technology. Soon these displays will be combined with
>eye-tracking technology, already used in military head-up targeting
>systems, and our eyes will do our targeting (driving). The urban
>environment is becoming similarly mediated. The ocular loop is closed
>(but perhaps it always has been, a re-visioning of the panopticon?).
>Yes - I'd say that if it doesn't 'effect' ontology then it certainly
>changes how we understand it.

Our cars have HUD tech? No car affordable to me will for quite some
time. I dread to think of the crashes I'll have if my eyes do the
driving. I have a small video camera which I sometimes tape to my
cycling helmet and I took it to a steam rally/fair last w/e and wore it
while walking around. It's surprising how different the video looks to
what I thought I was recording. It's almost never still and it never
seems to rest for long enough for me as a viewer to take in the
recorded sight. I guess the potential of crashes - if we ever get to
drive our cars using our eyes (LOL) - could be quite a motivator
for learning self imposed restraint locked-focus/attention of our eyes.


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