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Hi Martin,

I am trying to play catch up, so I will be brief. I agree that the move to big data, to storage of data (in the cloud) no longer play into the same type of crisis of representation Simon (from New Zealand) referred to, but I am not sure how you are relating big data or clouds to real topologies, nor am I sure what you mean by "paradigm shift" (criticisms of Kuhn stick in my mind).  Big data's results are most likely statistical, we still come up with graphs...
It is one thing where the data is, its location, isn't this visually mapped? or don't we create a visual / virtual map to access the data, plus once we analyze the content we are dealing with a visualization again?
On Jul 7, 2012, at 1:50 AM, Martin Rieser wrote:

> I think Johannes is moving towards my point about a completely new form of representation beyond the screen, in his discussion of motion capture and Kinect. 
> While I do think the mobile etc is creating a new self-performing and spatialised 'cinema'- I think the new forms of data clouds - placed and formed to real topologies are a very new and different form of representation,  that goes beyond optical  'representation' and qualifies in some ways as a valid melded reality.
> Martin

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