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On Jul 7, 2012, at 11:10 AM, Rob Myers wrote:

Hi Rob, 

Sorry, I could not resist.
>> Many of which have screens of particular
>> kinds. If we're ready to simply call all those things "screens" then
>> I'm not sure why we wouldn't also call them automobiles or
>> architecture or sandwiches.
> I'm currently watching "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" on a baguette so I see your point.

Your simple statement implies agency. Aren't you treating the baguette as passive (i.e. "watching on") Unless you are eating Raiders? In which case the screen is mobile and passes onto your mouth, teeth and gums (and you are no longer able to watch in the same way). In this case, agency passes to the baguette, once it goes behind the screen.
> Screens serve to conceal as well as present. Think of hospital screens (or the back wall of the cinema). In Simon's comment, the screens have served to conceal the computers. What the computers conceal probably has something to do with agency.
> I'm not sure screens were ever passive though. Cinema was persuasive and broadcast TV showed news and opinion.
You mean cinema is no longer persuasive, what about TV broadcast news and opinion?
> - Rob.
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