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Ian Bogost ian.bogost at lcc.gatech.edu
Sun Jul 8 04:47:39 EST 2012

On Jul 7, 2012, at 2:10 PM, Rob Myers wrote:

> Computers are significantly correlated with screens at present. Televisions are now computers (or their thralls) following the death of analog broadcast and recording. Even cinemas are transitioning to digital projection with increasing speed.

All the more reason to distinguish between different material objects. The digital cinema is not the computational system in my Denon receiver that upsamples signals for HDMI transmission to my television, is not the input/output apparatus in my iPad.

>> Many of which have screens of particular
>> kinds. If we're ready to simply call all those things "screens" then
>> I'm not sure why we wouldn't also call them automobiles or
>> architecture or sandwiches.
> I'm currently watching "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" on a baguette so I see your point.

Here, let me connect the dots: Even sandwich shops order supplies and take and manage orders by computer.  Sandwiches are implicated in the logic of computers, c'est à dire screens. Therefore sandwiches are screens. 

I'm not being coy. This is how this conversation feels to me. 

> Screens serve to conceal as well as present. Think of hospital screens (or the back wall of the cinema). In Simon's comment, the screens have served to conceal the computers. What the computers conceal probably has something to do with agency.

Yikes, there's the sound of the world melting again. All is one. Agency, or affect, or screens, or whatever. I can't get behind it, sorry. 


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