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The second week of our discussion on screens begins. I would like to thank our invited discussants Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli and Martin Rieser, and the many other contributors, who have kicked the week off in such dynamic style. I hope that Martin, Kriss and everyone else who has been involved sustain their engagement with a debate that has been wide and vigorous, involving discussants and many list members, even the occasional lurker - which is gratifying. There has been considerable attention paid to how the screen can be defined, both medially and socially. The material and immaterial nature of screens and just what elements of the apparatus should be considered within the scope of the definition of the screen and what shouldn't were recurrent themes. The initial introduction proposed that our historical understanding of the screen is not adequate for dealing with what, in a time of post-convergent and ubiquitous interactive technology, the screen has become. The affect of this upon us, who can be considered as both makers and occupants of what can appear to be spectacle and dispositif, remains to be addressed.

We would like to welcome this weeks invited discussants. They are:

Simone Arcagni, Turin; University of Palermo; NABA, Milan, Italy.
Simone is a researcher in Cinema at the University of Palermo and teaches “Postcinema” at NABA in Milan. He collaborates with "Nòva", “Bravacasa”, “Close-up”, “Oxygen”, “Segnocinema”, “Tutto  Digitale". He maintains the blog Postcinema (http://simonearcagni.nova100.ilsole24ore.com), advises the publishing house Kaplan and collaborates with the Share Festival, Turin. He has written for “Bianco & Nero”, “Imago”, “Fata Morgana”, “I Quaderni del CSCI”, and has written and edited various books including: Music Video (with Alessandro Amaducci); Oltre il cinema – Metropoli e media; Simone Arcagni, Giovanni Spagnoletti (edited by) Dal Postmoderno al post-cinema and Cinema e web.

Charlie Gere, Lancaster University Institute of Contemporary Arts, UK.
Charlie Gere is Professor of Media Theory and History in the Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts, Lancaster University. He is the author of Digital Culture (Reaktion Books, 2002), Art, Time and Technology (Berg, 2006), Non-relational Aesthetics (with Michael Corris, Artwords, 2009), and co-editor of White Heat Cold Technology (MIT Press, 2009), and Art Practice in a Digital Culture (Ashgate, 2010), as well as many papers on questions of technology, media and art. In 2007 he co-curated Feedback, a major exhibition on art responsive to instructions, input, or its environment, in Gijon, Northern Spain. He is co-curator of FutureEverybody, the 2012 FutureEverything exhibition, in Manchester. His new book, Community without Community in Digital Culture (Palgrave MacMillan, 2012), will be out later this year.

Simon Biggs
simon at littlepig.org.uk http://www.littlepig.org.uk/ @SimonBiggsUK skype: simonbiggsuk

s.biggs at ed.ac.uk Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh
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