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Hi Simone, Simon and everyone!

great topic!

about this:

On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 2:36 PM, Simone Arcagni <simonearcagni at gmail.com>wrote:

> Screens disappear as a external device and becomes definitively an
> extension of our senses (following the McLuhan "intuition").

> The wearable screens open to a new dimension of communication experience,
> really immersive and aptic more than optic (according to Giuliana Bruno).
> The next step should be the biological computers or the neuronal devices
> (many IT labs are working on that).

In more than one way devices have already become "biological", meaning that
they are already interacting with our bodies in deep ways, even creating
new senses.

in 2006 we created a performance (
http://www.artisopensource.net/category/projects/talkers-performance/ ) in
which teh body of the performer was a "display" (screen?) of user
interactions and, in turn, everything that was heard/shown as sound and
video of the performance was generated my the dancer's movements and
biological data.

In the same way Marco Donnarumma produces his Xth Sense (
http://marcodonnarumma.com/works/xth-sense/ ) in which an open source
device allows producing information from the body: here music is the
"screen" of bio data

Or as we did in the Electronic Man (
http://www.artisopensource.net/category/projects/electronicman/ for
McLuhan's centennial) in which a sense was synthesized on as many as 80
thousand people's bodies using smartphones: whenever someone participated
to the performance, everyone else's phone vibrated in real time: a
physical, on-body, real-time information visualization that becomes a sense
with a global reach, allowing you to experience on your body a digital
interaction happening anywhere in the world, instantly.

And these are, obviously, screens, closer and closer to our brains and
nervous systems. Loosing the characteristics of "devices" and becoming more
and more senses which change the affordances we perceive in the world.

Creating new sensibilities and mutating the way we are aware about things,
the ways in which we learn, work, relate. And consume (as all these
transformations also have the effect of suggesting really "interesting"
business models, don't they? )

all the best!


Salvatore Iaconesi

AOS - Art is Open Source
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