[-empyre-] Martin Rieser on Screen/Interface

Mathias Fuchs mathias.fuchs at creativegames.org.uk
Wed Jul 11 18:36:09 EST 2012

Hi Martin,

I just looked at the ro.me example you pointed us towards. My experience 
was that I was switching from using the piece via screen mode or 
interface mode. Once I was in the cinematic mode I forgot moving the 
mouse, and when I was in the interface and control mode I lost the 
cinematic experience.
Is the dual character of such pieces then a to and from much more than a 
synchronicity of screen and interface?

Reminds me of 90ies Broadcasting experiments in Austria where you could 
swap channels to get another viewpoint in a murder mystery.
The users did either enjoy the channel hopping or they just stayed on 
one channel and version and watched and watched.

Mathias on Rieser's

> interactive cinema and online games, where the screen is both cinematic
> surface and interaction space-take

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