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About interaction, gamification...

Martin Rieser says:
Well to address this issue we need to look at the emergence both of  
interactive cinema and online games, where the screen is both  
cinematic surface and interaction space-take a look at this new  
interactive film using the abilities of HTML5 which explores a fantasy  
space, that could equally have been tied to a specific geography on a  
mobile device-and the new hybrid nature of screens becomes obvious: http://www.ro.me/

Interactive cinema, online game, but also viral and convergent ads,  
interactive urban screen and augmented reality games and video (film?)

According to CISCO data, the media language of the near future will be  
audiovisual (and Martin Rieser cited the develop of HTML5).  
Audiovisual texts at the moment are the most shared, downloaded and  
searched in mobile device  and this audiovisual language is going to be:

participatory (“social”)

The urban space and media communication are moving to create an  
ambient for having a real immersive and emotional kind of experience  
(as spectator, user, gamer and, always, all of them at the same  
time)... from 3D augmented reality visions toward holographic  

Last time I cited the Cornig promo video A Day Made of Glass: A Day  
Made of Glass raises various issues as the future of urban space,  
emergent technologies and comunicational models... and 4 interesting  

2-Holographic images

3-Touch screens

4-Connected and geolacalized screens

The digital media urban space is going toward the obsoloscence of  
screens and the raise of a media hybrid ambient...

Screens disappear as “hardware” like in the Free Format experience: a  
trasparent and flexi screen for 3D retro-projections often used for  
ubiquitous conference and interaction: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3YwK9dSzvQ

Walls instead the screens like in the architectural projections (here  
you can see an example during the Italian Kernel Festival: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nFYRb8dG5c)

Holographic display to project solid images in the water and in the  
air like the Burton laser display: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EndNwMBEiVU

Walls, buildings, objects, air, water, everything could be a place for  
projection or trasmission. A connected place for a partecipatory  
fruition. An ambient to live and to perform...


Il giorno 11/lug/12, alle ore 21:06, Martin Rieser ha scritto:

> Well, it is analagous to many games in that you can turn and view or  
> walk through 3D scenes and to films in that the linear actions  are  
> unaffected by your interaction, but  play out in front of you. I  
> found I could enjoy both modes without a jump, but that does not  
> mean that it is a seamless medium. The example is really to show the  
> potential for HTML5 to develop these scenarios, which can easily be  
> locked on to GPS data and projected dimensionally across real  
> landscapes.
> Martin
> On Wed, Jul 11, 2012 at 9:36 AM, Mathias Fuchs <mathias.fuchs at creativegames.org.uk 
> > wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> I just looked at the ro.me example you pointed us towards. My  
> experience was that I was switching from using the piece via screen  
> mode or interface mode. Once I was in the cinematic mode I forgot  
> moving the mouse, and when I was in the interface and control mode I  
> lost the cinematic experience.
> Is the dual character of such pieces then a to and from much more  
> than a synchronicity of screen and interface?
> Reminds me of 90ies Broadcasting experiments in Austria where you  
> could swap channels to get another viewpoint in a murder mystery.
> The users did either enjoy the channel hopping or they just stayed  
> on one channel and version and watched and watched.
> Mathias on Rieser's
> interactive cinema and online games, where the screen is both  
> cinematic
> surface and interaction space-take
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