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> I think this is a good point from Marco: proprioception and visceral
> embodiment are very pertinent to the user experience in these mobile works
> and the understanding of these senses is very limited among designers and
> artists.


this is why we focus on the concept of "affordance"

in this work:


(just presented at Information Visualization 12 in Montpellier and at TED
Conference in Edinburgh) we collect real-time information from social
networks, geo-reference it, and use natural language analysis to identify
which messages expose dangerous situations in the user's  surroundings (it
is like a compass, showing the directions in which such messages have been

the result is an ubiquitous screen (the smartphone) with a real-time
interactive experience (the app) which constitutes a "cognitive compass"
bringing a crowdsourced awareness into our perception of the place we are
in, thus modifying our perceived (socially constructed) affordances for
space and, thus, our perception of space itself and of our presence there


the screen is still a screen, but it becomes an additional sense, which
transforms our sense of presence and our perception of space.

for us, these are scenario-changing processes, as they open up
opportunities to re-imagine the structure of public space and of the ways
in which we are present there and relate to other human beings, systems,
infrastructures, services etc


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