[-empyre-] From Erkki Huhtamo

erhuhta at ucla.edu erhuhta at ucla.edu
Fri Jul 27 03:11:08 EST 2012

Dear Participants & Lurkers,

I think it has been a rich and varied discussion, although I am not  
sure if we have reached any conclusions (can there be any?).

I am ready to comment this week in case there are any further posts. I  
sent earlier some texts that contain my basic ideas on "screenology,"  
so I will not repeat them here... I hope you will have time and  
interest to read them.

I need to warn you that my comments will be short, because I am  
currently engaged in "screen practice" myself. With my team, I am  
practising every day for my new magic lantern show, which will  
premiere next week in Los Angeles. We will be performing with two  
Victorian mahogany magic lanterns (a biunial double lantern and a  
single) and original hand-painted slides from my collection, but also  
reflect on the media-archaeological contextualization of screen  
practices. There will also be live music and follies sound effects.

I think such experiences really differ from just reading about these  
things. My work often emphasizes the "discursive dimension" (such as  
imaginary screens, or the ways how magic mirrors served screen-like  
functions already centuries ago), but grasping the material, tangible  
dimension is equally important.

Check: http://www.panoramaonview.org/news.html


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