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Hi everyone

July on empyre has been a busy month, especially as it is Summer with all its distractions. In the UK we are now saturated with the Olympics - almost entirely via screens. Perhaps, in August, I will only engage the media through the radio. As I'm about to take a break and the screen on my laptop is (literally and ironically) broken, thus in for repairs while I'm in Normandy, the radio looks both the more attractive and practical option. I always wake up to BBC Radio 4. I couldn't imagine waking up to a screen - so perhaps screens are not everywhere. There is hope.

I would like to thank our guests this month, Martin Rieser, Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli, Simone Arcagni, Charlie Gere, Sean Cubitt, Scott McQuire, Ursula Stalder, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and Erkki Huhtamo. I'm always amazed that people who are so busy are willing to give their time and energy to something like empyre. It's great to know we are part of a community of people who, including all the members of the list, sustain their engagement in this way.

I know Renate has something to say so I'll keep this short and pass over to her.

Many thanks to everyone.



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