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Hi Shu Lea!

Thank you so much for writing and hope you are having safe and beautiful
travels! For you, I wanted to include a photograph of the tulips and rice
paddies from the guest house I am staying at, in the countryside of Korea.
:) It is wonderful to reconnect here, and really generative and inspiring
to have your presence, and Zach and Micha's dialogue on queer media art
and theory! I think its going to be a very inspiring month and look
forward to the conversations.

I hoped to teach BRANDON in the Queer Theory Activist Practices course I
co-taught last Fall with Juana Maria Rodriguez at Berkeley. We had a one
day segment on Queer New Media Art and Theory but since it was under
restoration I was disappointed the students were not able to experience
the artwork more fully. When I first began studying new media art with Ken
Goldberg, I was blessed to learn about feminist and queer new media
artworks as well, and BRANDON meant so much to me. It also helped me
rethink not only new media art, but Brandon Teena's case and it was a
meaningful way to honor Brandon's life. BRANDON also meant so much that it
was the first new media artwork commissioned by the Guggenheim and I loved
that, and loved reading about BRANDON in Mark Tribe's New Media Art. 
Looking back, I think it was really formative inspiring my interests in
New Media art and continuing with classes when starting my graduate study.
Hoping BRANDON will be available soon?  It is absolutely extraordinary. I
was disappointed the students were not able to engage the work online, but
glad they still were able to read about BRANDON and learn. For the class,
we engaged with Micha and Zach's work and the It Gets Better youtube
videos as well. The students were really excited about all the respective
new media art work and since they are truly the twitter generation, it was
really wonderful to see them get so animated, excited, and curious about
the field.

Thank you for being here, this is so very wonderful.

Queer forever and everywhere,


> hi, in transit... (literally)
> love to follow Micha and Zach's curating dialogue on queer media art
> and theory.
> thanks, Margaret, for bring up BRANDON, which in fact is  currently
> 'under restoration'
> initiated by Guggenheim collection.
> queer everywhere queer forever....
> be reading you all
> sl
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