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Hi Jordan and wonderful to see you around! I still remember our
collaboration with Under Fire and Crusading as a very fruitful and
rewarding time. The questions you asked in Under Fire, about
representation of war and violence in Art today are still relevant. We
still reproduce memes and stories multiplicating the violence and
spreading it around the world.
I am still unsure about if there is or not a queer identity. But I
adhere myself to a queer behaviour (and I use deliberately the word
queer as it was used in 1800 England, as "outside", as someone
breaking the norms, not only the sexual norms but all norms), a kind
of "queer way to think".
I felt, Jordan, your way to put the questions and to make the
exhibition was queer, as a matter of fact it was only from a queer
mentality and insubordinate mind you could expect the kind of
questions you put on the table.
All the best

On Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 8:00 AM, Jordan Crandall
<actor at jordancrandall.com> wrote:
> Hello everyone!  I've wanted to find a place to jump in but by the
> time I get round to gathering my thoughts, everyone's moved on to
> something else.  Well I'm just going to jump onto this fast-moving
> train with my stuffed bunny in hand and clutch onto something.  And
> see what happens.  It's allright if the object I grasp onto is a
> transitional one, because the object itself won't be all slippery,
> wet, and sliding between one thing and another, or between virtual or
> real.  No: the object will stand firm, in order that it can conduct a
> transition in me.  It's going to help me pull my weight, offer me lots
> of support, in order that I will be able to get through the change --
> say, the transformation in the frontiers of my subjectivity; the
> passage from one state of being, stage of life, or state of maturity
> to another.  It's going to help soothe the anxiety that comes with
> this because it's dependable, unchanging, always there for me.  It's
> not itself queer, but it can conduct a queering.
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